C# Software Development

Course Outline :

Module One:  Object Oriented Programming in C# Revisit

    Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Class, Object, Constructor, Properties Revisit
    Inheritance, Polymorphic behavior understanding.
    Interface Understanding

Module Two: Advanced C# Revisit

    Implicitly Typed Variable declaration.
    Anonymous type declaration
    Lamda Expression through delegate.
    LINQ and LINQ with Lamda style.

Module Three: Project Management Tools

    Overview of Git and Online Git Repository
    Managing Project through Kanban

Module Four:  Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

   Goals of Modern Web Development
    ASP.NET Overview
    What is MVC? Understanding MVC Philosophy.
    Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project
    Naming conventions
    Difference between  ASP.NET Web Form and ASP.NET MVC
    Convention based Routing

Module Five: Working with Controllers

    Understanding Controllers
    Request Pipeline
    Adding Actions
    Model Binding
    Controller’s Best Practices

Module Six: Working with Views

  How Views are Found
    Views and Models
    Razor Syntax
    HTML Helper
    Extending Helper
    Partial View
    Bootstrap Framework in MVC
    Jquery in MVC
    jQuery Ajax in MVC
    Data Annotation and Validations
    Custom Validation

Module  Seven: Creating and Configuring Models

    What is a Models?
    Creating Models
    Model Binding
    Extending Models