Before looking at the wide variety of e-commerce application areas that have flourished over the last decade in more detail, it is worth looking at one which may not be familiar to a reader, but which saves companies huge amounts of resources. The application involves a supply chain. A supply chain is a set of relationships between a number of companies who have a symbiotic relationship with each other in that one company supplies commodities or services to other companies which, in turn, supply commodities or services to other companies, and so on.

Some common applications related to electronic commerce are:

1.Document automation in supply chain and logistics

2.Domestic and international payment systems

3.Enterprise content management

4.Group buying

5.Print on demand

6.Automated online assistant


8.Online shopping and order tracking

9.Online banking

10.Online office suites

11.Shopping cart software


13.Electronic tickets

14.Social networking

15.Instant messaging


17.Digital Wallet

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